Kenny was a down-syndrome child that had a hard time fitting in with others. In Sunday School, he was far too old for the class he was in, but was wel-comed by the teacher and laughed at by the children. Sometimes Kenny was a pleasure to be around while at other times he could be exasperating.

Two weeks before Easter, Kenny’s teacher wanted her class to try and grasp something of the meaning of Easter. Telling the story of Jesus and emphasiz-ing the idea of new life springing forth, she gave each of the children a large plastic egg and instructed them to take them home and bring them back the next Sunday with something inside that shows new life. Knowing Kenny would not understand her instructions, Mrs. Jones decided to call his parents during the week and explain the assignment. But the week was hectic and Mrs. Jones forgot to call Kenny’s parents. Sunday came and with it all the children and their plastic eggs, placing them on her desk, including Kenny and his egg.

As Mrs. Jones opened the first egg, little Kim proclaimed, “That’s my egg!” Mrs. Jones showed the class a flower. “Oh yes, a flower is certainly a sign of new life” The next egg contained a plastic butterfly that looked real. “We all know that a caterpillar changes and grows into a butterfly – and that’s a sign of new life too,” she explained. The next egg she opened was empty. The children began to giggle. Mrs. Jones knew it had to be Kenny’s. She had forgotten to call his parents. Not wanting to embarrass him, she put the egg aside and quickly reached for another one. Suddenly Kenny spoke up, “Mrs. Jones, aren’t you going to talk about my egg?” A bit flustered, Mrs. Jones replied, “But Kenny, your egg is empty.” Kenny replied with enthusiasm, “I know, but Jesus’ tomb was empty too!” The real meaning of Easter can be understood by anyone that is willing to look – even through the eyes of a child.

The pyramids of Egypt are famous because they contain the mummified bodies of ancient Egyptian kings. Westminster Abbey is noteworthy because it contains the bodies of English nobles. Arlington Cemetery is revered because it is the resting place of many Americans who gave their lives for their country. But the tomb where they buried Jesus is empty.
If Easter says anything to us, it is that Jesus is alive – and that makes all the difference in the world!

To His Glory, Pastor Bill

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