Problems – we all have them. Some are small and seemingly insignificant while others are large and appear absolutely impossible. Many times the large ones cause us to act like Charlie Brown as he says in a comic strip, “There’s no problem so big that I can’t run away from it.” The danger we face with regard to problems is that we get overwhelmed by them and see them as big and God as small. But the truth is – no problem is greater than God.

When the Lord told Abraham that he and Sara would have a child in their old age, Sara laughed to herself as she overheard the conversation, knowing that she was beyond childbearing age. In response, the Lord replied, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14).

In Exodus we find the Israelites with their backs to the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army in pursuit. Moses told them to stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord would bring. Every time I read that passage I always think back to the movie, The Ten Commandments, and see the people cross through the Red Sea miraculously. But that is just movies. Stop and consider the reality of the miracle: There were anywhere between two and three million Israelites that crossed. The bible says they crossed in one night. If they had crossed side by side in pairs of two, they would have formed a line over seven hundred miles long and it would have taken them thirty five days and nights to cross. To get that many people across in one night, they would have had to march five thousand people side by side, which would have required God to open a path in the Red Sea three miles wide!

Consider the miracles in the wilderness: A crowd that size would have required a camping area of 750 square miles, 1,500 tons of food per day to keep from starving, and 11 million gallons of water to meet the bare minimum for water needs. Even if you figured one quail per family unit, it would have required about ¾ million quail each day. There would have been around two million gallons of manna falling on the ground each morning. Yet none of those challenges were too big for God as he performed them each and every day for forty years!

The point: no problem you face now or in the future is mightier than God. No matter what you are facing today or tomorrow, God’s promises are sure, his provisions abundant, his miraculous power unlimited, and his presence the greatest helps you will ever have.
So ask yourself, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

To His Glory,
Pastor Bill