In John Maxwell’s book, Think On These Things, he writes of an occasion where he had stopped at a service station to fill up his car and while waiting, noticed that a bus had blocked a lady in the parking lot. The look on her face was one of total frustration and defeat. As John sized up the situation, he realized the lady could get out of the parking lot if she could be persuaded to try. He instructed his friend traveling with him to go to her window and tell her to watch John and he would direct her between the bus and the gate out into the road. He also told his friend to keep encouraging her that she could drive the car through the narrow space. Sure enough, a few minutes later she made it. Her expression turned from defeat to delight because she accomplished something she had thought was impossible.

It is amazing how many people allow their thinking to determine how much or how little they can accomplish. When David stood face to kneecap with Goliath, everyone thought, “This is impossible,” but David thought, “How can I miss him?” When Israel marched around Jericho, they must have thought, “We’ve never done anything like this before,” but Joshua thought, “God is about to do something unbelievable.”

Those that see impossibilities will always stop short of what they can do for God, for others, and even for themselves. But those that see possibilities and encourage others to do the same create an atmosphere that is conducive for confidence as well as success. The apostle Paul encouraged those possibilities when he declared to the Philippian church, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” When we listen to God and faithfully follow him, we will always find satisfaction, direction, meaning, and purpose.

In a few weeks our church will embark on what some might see as an improbable and even impossible task. Yet I am reminded of God’s words to Abraham when Sarah laughed at the thought of bearing a child in her old age, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” I am reminded of God’s words to Moses when he questioned the availability of quail for the people to eat in the desert, “Is the Lord’s arm too short?”

Without a doubt, the challenge before our church is great, but our God is greater than any challenge we will ever face. With his help we can reach our community with the gospel, reach around the world with missions, and reach the financial goal to build a new facility. Remember, nothing is impossible with God!

With great anticipation,

Pastor Bill