Welcome! Whether you are a first time visitor or have recently joined our fellowship, we welcome you into the Body of Christ here at Belmont.

Even though Belmont Baptist is a small church, the Lord uses us in a big way. Our motto at Belmont is “To know Christ and make Him known” and we hope you will join us in this endeavor!


If you have never asked Jesus into your life to be your personal Savior, then we encourage you to speak to the Pastor, a Minister, a Deacon, or a Sunday School Teacher about salvation.


If you have never been baptized by submersion, or were baptized before you knew Jesus as your personal Savior, then we encourage you to speak with the Pastor about being baptized.

Small Groups

Known as “Sunday School” or “Bible Fellowship Classes” small groups for all ages are available on Sunday mornings, evenings, and Wednesday evenings at Belmont. Joining a small group is one of the most important things you can do at any church. Facilitating spiritual growth in the Lord, providing fellowship, friendship and support from other Christians in both good and rough times, a small group is vital to the Christian believer.


Communion is generally held once a quarter during Sunday morning services in remembrance of Jesus. Grape juice is served instead of wine in consideration of those who may be sensitive to alcohol consumption. All believers are welcome to join in Communion.

Our Affiliation and Beliefs

Belmont is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention and is a member of the Mulberry Baptist Association.

Church Leadership

Belmont is unique in that we are neither a Pastor led, nor a Deacon led church. Major decisions are prayed over by the whole congregation and members vote during conference. So we are a congregation led church, looking to God and Scripture for direction and to our Pastor, Staff, Deacons, and Trustees for vision.


Members and visitors have access to every financial transaction the church makes in the monthly Treasurer’s report (except for the individual amounts given by members, which is kept in confidence). A copy of the report sits on top of the organ in the sanctuary and is presented in conference once a month. The church holds no long term debt, and dedicates the fourth Sunday of the month offerings to the new building fund.


The church has purchased a beautiful plot of land for a new building. We have started site work and are in a sixty day prayer time as to whether the Lord is calling for it’s construction. The land is also used several times a year for activities open to the public including fourth of July festivities, Outdoor Ministry activities, and church wide activities.

Community Presence

The church owns a large tent and a trailer-able Bubba Grill for use in off campus events in the community and throughout the state. From WMA events to block parties and events for the homeless, Belmont endeavors to follow the Lord’s example in serving our community and reaching others for Him.

Some interesting facts:

– Average weekly Sunday School attendance: Between 75 and 100.
– Amount of long-term debt: Zero.
– Acreage of new land: About thirty acres.