A Job Well Done

Grandchildren are wonderful gifts from God. I believe God gave them to grandparents as a reward for all their hard work raising their own children. Just think of it – we get to spoil them and then send them home. No fussing, no fighting, no harsh disciplines – just fun with hugs and kisses at the end of the day. But I also believe God gave them to us to teach us some lessons about Him. Let me explain. A few weeks ago, I went to see my middle granddaughter perform at her dance recital. Now understand that I attended her recital the year before when she was four and smiled as the instructor tried her best to keep all the dancers together. Some were completely distracted looking for their parents and grandparents (our granddaughter included) while others forgot what they were doing and followed the dancer next to them, who was out of step as well. Others appeared stage struck and frozen or walked off the stage.

So as I prepared to watch this year’s recital, I was expecting much of the same. And to the dance enthusiast, their steps weren’t aligned and their leaps weren’t graceful, but to the parents and grandparents there, they were special. At each interval of the recital there was a thunderous round of applause with smiles beaming in both directions. Each of the girls had given their all and attempted to follow the teacher’s instructions as best they could. Enthusiastically and confidently, they finished the recital and took a final bow to a standing ovation. Following a “thank you” from the teacher, the little dancers went to find their families who in turn met them with hugs and bouquets of flowers showing their approval. In like manner, I believe God desires the same for us. Our “dance” in the Christian life isn’t exactly choreographed or graceful, and many times we don’t perform all the steps the way they were intended. We stumble and move awkwardly in our attempts to please our Savior. Sadly, there are other times we step aside or sit down or decide not to be a part of ministry. But when we give it our all enthusiastically, following the instructions of our Master, we can be assured of His approval. In several of Jesus’ parables, it was the servant who attempted to do the master’s will that was rewarded. It was those servants who risked failure, embarrassment, and ridicule, but did it the best they knew how.

The same is true today. Only when we are willing to put our fears of failure aside and allow God to work in us and through us that we can accomplish far more than we could have possibly imagined. And just as those little girls received applause for a job well done, we receive the applause from heaven. Just as Jesus stood for Stephen as he gave his all, so he stands for us when we give our all for him. So dance to your heart’s content. Give it all you have. And be confident that your Heavenly Father is proud of you.

To His Glory,
Pastor Bill