The apostle Paul instructed the members of both the Ephesian and Colossian churches to “be wise and make the most of every opportunity.” Taking those verses to heart, a young lieutenant was traveling with a general from their base to another base in a different state and were forced to travel with civilians on a passenger train. They found their booth, where two other people were already seated – an attractive young woman and her grandmother.

For most of the trip, the conversation was cordial and respectful. As the train entered a rather long and dark tunnel, the passengers in that particular car heard two distinctive sounds in the darkness – the smooch of a kiss and the loud sound of a slap. As the train exited the tunnel, four people had four distinct perspectives on what had just happened:

The attractive woman thought to herself how glad she was that the young lieutenant got up the courage to kiss her, but was somewhat disappointed at her grandmother for slapping him for doing it.

The general thought to himself how proud he was of his young lieutenant for being enterprising enough to find the opportunity to kiss an attractive young woman, but was flabbergasted that she slapped him instead of the lieutenant.

The grandmother was flabbergasted to think the young lieutenant would have the gall to kiss her granddaughter, but was proud of her granddaughter for slapping him for doing it.

And then there was the young lieutenant who held back his laughter because he had found the perfect opportunity to kiss an attractive young girl and slap a superior officer at the same time!

Although I’m positive that’s not what Paul was talking about when he instructed believers to make the most of every opportunity, you have to give credit for the young lieutenant taking advantage of the opportunity afforded him.

As we enter the summer months, be sure and take advantage of some opportunities at Belmont. This month we will be having two SHP Build Days – one with Jackson EMC (date being determined) and another with Christ Lutheran in Oakwood. If you haven’t gotten involved with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, you don’t know what a blessing you are missing! And next month, one of the best opportunities for evangelism comes our way with VBS. Don’t assume that all positions are filled and miss out on the joy and blessing of God using you to touch the lives of children. There is still time to sign up and get ready for Keepers of the Kingdom.

 And, of course, every week you have the opportunity to share your faith, show the love of Christ, and invite someone to church. So be wise and make the most of every opportunity!

To His Glory,

Pastor Bill