“My SS class attended Revelation Road sat night and as always it was soul shaking. I teach the 6 and 7th grade girls at Hopewell Baptist and have been bringing my class since the first year with you guys. This year we were able to celebrate and share that there were 2 salvations in my group. Praise God! Thank you so much for being the hands and feet of Jesus. I am so thankful for all that Belmont puts in to this each year and wanted to make sure you knew it.”

“Thank you for a great night. You guys did an Awesome job! This was my second time coming but the first time for the group I brought with me. We had a teenager from our group that was under conviction and cried the entire time home. I don’t think he was quite there yet but it’s got him thinking and definitely don’t want to force anything on him. I do feel through your program he is certainly on his way!!! Praise God and that was worth every bit of it. God Bless”